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Build long-term equity for your brand with our fully managed SEO services in California. As your trusted SEO reseller, we’ll craft tailored SEO solutions that will generate a surge of traffic, leads, and consumers. 

Why SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) gives you the opportunity to reach highly targeted audiences who are actively pursuing your products or services. It lets you rank higher on search and increases the chances that your marketing message will turn into leads or sales.

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Our SEO specialists have developed the perfect Google strategies to improve the visibility of your business. We’ll help you consistently rank high for important keywords and outperform your competitors.

Since Google favors user-friendly websites, we will optimize your site for all device types. We will also set up your Google My Business listing to ensure you’re always visible to local customers.

How We Rank Websites

Quick Consult with Our SEO team

To better understand your business and your target goals, we schedule an initial call with you. We brief you about our processes and what you can expect when you work with us.
This is also when we ask about your brand’s strengths and weaknesses to know where we can help. We then work together to craft SEO reseller services that fit your unique needs and budget.

Website Checkup and Implementation

Before implementing any changes, our SEO campaign experts in California will perform an in-depth audit of your web pages. We’ll check for areas that need strengthening and fix any issues that can affect your site performance.

Then, we curate the appropriate keywords for your business and develop content strategies that will help you rank for relevant searches.

Regular Performance Updates

At DigitalAdXperts, we value 100% transparency and collaboration. We work hard to ensure deliverables promptly and efficiently. Expect us to communicate every step of the way.

We’ll also provide detailed SEO reports that show your campaign performance and areas for improvement, if any. Not only do we help you rank better on Google, but we also help you provide seamless and stress-free customer experiences. If there are questions that you have, we’re just a call away.

Our SEO Reseller Services in California

Website Audit

Website performance is a key factor in search rankings. Google tends to favor websites that load quickly and deliver smooth user experiences.

We perform in-depth website audits to pinpoint and resolve foundational issues that affect your search performance. We look at both on-page and off-page elements to check whether they’re optimized and compliant with search guidelines.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is integral to any SEO campaign. As your SEO service provider in California, we’ll analyze, compare, and prioritize the best keyword opportunities for your website.

Our SEO experts will create a seed list of starting terms and use advanced tools and analytics to refine it continuously. We’ll also advise you on strategic keyword placement throughout your website so search engines can index them properly.

Link Building

Quality links inform Google that your website is a quality resource worthy of citation and, therefore, higher rankings. We have a dedicated link-building team that can help you with manual outreach, guest blogging, and broken link building.

We’ll also help you generate links from our partner sites with high domain authority (DA) to deliver more value to your web pages.

On-page Optimization

On-site SEO covers many areas, including content, image optimization, structured data, title tags, headlines and HTML tags, and meta descriptions. DigitalAdXperts will ensure all of your on-page elements are optimized and aligned with search engines’ best practices.

Content Creation

Search engines prefer websites that regularly add unique and value-rich content. We have a team of writers and creatives that produce visual and written SEO-friendly content that speaks to your target users.

From writing fresh blog posts to optimizing existing product pages, our SEO team can help support all your content needs. We combine strategic keyword research with content best practices to help you build credibility and acquire more traffic.

Why choose DigitalAdXperts

Results-driven SEO Specialists

Work with a team of SEO professionals who are certified, experienced, and up-to-date with the latest algorithm changes, keyword trends, and market innovations. Our SEO experts are also skilled at making complex SEO processes as simple as possible for our clients.

When you work with us, you’ll have a dedicated account manager to answer your questions, continuously monitor your campaigns, and alert you to any changes. Our lines are always open should you need support.

Honesty and Integrity

We value fairness and transparency in everything we do. Our team offers white hat SEO reseller services that deliver real results without spamming or putting your website at risk of Google penalties.

In short, we never cheat to win higher rankings. As a Google-certified partner, we function within the rules and expectations of search engines and will never jeopardize your brand’s integrity.

Detailed and Accurate Reporting

We maintain total transparency so you always know how our services are impacting your business. As an SEO and PPC management specialist in California, we provide custom, in-depth reporting covering your site’s SEO performance and regularly updated keyword rankings.

You’ll also gain access to a monthly breakdown of the SEO strategies we’ve performed and a list of site improvements that can further benefit your rankings.

Our Formula for SEO Success

Step 1: Determine Your Goals

We begin every campaign with an initial consultation where we discuss your short- and long-term business goals. We ask questions to better understand your desired SEO targets and what challenges prevent you from achieving digital success.

Step 2: Web Audit and Competitor Analysis

Next, we check your website’s current health status and diagnose and fix any problem areas that affect your rankings. Additionally, we compare competitor sites with your own and determine how you can fill gaps in the market.

Step 3: Keyword Research and Mapping Optimization

Keyword research is the blueprint for all our SEO campaigns.

Using advanced tools and in-depth research and analysis, we select keywords that your target customers are searching for. Our SEO experts will also determine which keywords and phrases work best together and their placement on your website to maximize rankings, organic search visibility, and sales opportunities.

Step 4: Implementation and Monitoring

We start implementing strategies that will help put your brand in front of ideal prospects. We’ll also closely monitor results and be ready to adapt quickly to changing Google algorithms or keyword competitiveness.

Step 5: Content Creation

Creating fresh, valuable, and engaging content is vital to your SEO. Our team will develop a scheduled content calendar for you that will capture your target audience’s attention. Without strategic content creation, it will be impossible to rank for the right keywords.

Step 6: Reporting and Analytics

SEO is a continuous process. Even if you earn the number one spot on search results, it won’t stay forever. Our SEO experts understand that changes can occur at any time, and we have to stay on top of this. We closely track key performance metrics, provide you with detailed reports for transparency, and take immediate actions to ensure you stay on top.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely! Our project managers are available to discuss everything you need to know about our SEO services. You can start a conversation by completing our online form or giving us a call. We’ll be happy to get your SEO campaign up and running in no time.

You’ll be working with a skilled SEO project manager who will assist you at every stage of your campaign. Your project manager will be working with a team of SEO experts who will craft, implement, and monitor strategies tailored to your specific business requirements.

SEO is a long–term investment that requires continuous maintenance and improvements. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, so the wait time for results will vary depending on your industry, target market, and budget.
In most cases, businesses can start seeing positive changes within 3 to 6 months. But bear in mind that SEO results grow over time. 6-8 months is usually a reasonable time frame to measure results. SEO takes longer than some forms of digital marketing, but you’ll find that it offers enormous benefits to your traffic and conversion rates.

What Our Customers Say

“DigitalAdXperts really accelerated our SEO campaigns and maximized our reach. Our company has tried a lot of bigger agencies before with more years of industry experience, and none is comparable to DigitalAdXperts. All of their SEO specialists have been really friendly, detailed, and knowledgeable. Huge thanks to the entire team!”

“Great job to DigitalAdXperts for taking our SEO campaigns to the next level! Working with the entire SEO team has been a pleasure. We feel confident that we’re getting the best advice on how to drive profitable leads and increase profits.”

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Our Brand of SEO

Search engines have a strong influence over the online success of businesses today. Fortunately, we understand what Google wants to see on websites. By making tweaks to your website’s design, usability, and performance, we can improve how your listings perform on people’s search results.

We also raise the quality of your content, making sure that they offer engaging, informative, and overall valuable material to the users. You’ll be able to raise brand awareness and eventually become the undisputed credible voice of authority when it comes to your chosen field.

Our keyword research techniques are bound to further raise your ranking. We employ the latest techniques to make sure your keywords attract the right kind of traffic.

We’ll manage your SEO campaign for you so you can focus on what you do best.