How to Rank in Google Maps Local 3-Pack to Get More Customers

How to Rank in Google Maps Local 3-Pack to Get More Customers

Google normally displays Google Maps local 3-Pack (Google Local Listings) on searches before organic results. For local business owners, this is the best place to rank. But, how do we get there?

Google Maps Local 3-Pack

Optimize your Google My Business Profile

When we say optimize, the information must be updated, accurate, and best represents the business.

Here are some basic steps you can take:

1. Claim your business. Visit:

2. Remove any duplicates.

3. Use actual business name. 

4. Business name and address should match with your website and other directories.

5. Use a local number.

6. Use the correct primary category

7. Add profile and cover photos, as well as other relevant photos to bring your profile to life.

8. Add business hours.

9. Link back to specific location pages on your website. If you have only one location, then link back to your homepage.

10. Use a login email that is connected with your domain name, rather than a personal one. works better than

Get More Google Reviews

Trust is the key. Several surveys show that almost 70% of people are influenced by reviews and more than 90% are regularly reading online reviews. Of course, Google loves reviews and this is the major ranking factor for the Google Local Listings.

Here are things you can do:

1. Ask customers directly via phone or in person to leave you a review on Google. 

2. Send an email or SMS to customers asking for a review on Google.

3. Add Google Review link to your website.

4. Give customers a Google Review card. 

5. Use the services of Feedback Systems 5-Star Review Accelerator™.

Build Quality Backlinks

Backlinks still play a very important piece in building online authority next to content, of course. Just make sure to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Here are ways to get these:

1. Post quality content that others will share or cite.

2. List your business to local directories.

3. Create a local resource page or list e.g. Top Rated Plumbers in Southern California

4. Guest postings to popular blogs or websites.

5. Join local events and have your business listed in their online marketing collateral.

There are other factors that might help your business rank well in the Google Local Listings like making sure your website is mobile friendly, optimizing your website’s location pages, etc. 

We at Feedback Systems have developed tools to help businesses get more online reviews. Feel free to contact us for more details.

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